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Post by Jack on Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:29 am

1: This site is rated NC-17, their will be profanity, blood, gore, extreme violence, and sex. If you can not, nor wish not to see this. DO NOT JOIN!!!!!

2. You harass any member of my site, YOU WILL GET BANNED. I do not fuck around!

3. This is meant to be fun, and meant for people to have fun. Though from time to time a character will get killed, so don't whine like a baby is this happens!

4: DO NOT GOD MODE! Seriously. this takes away from the fun of everyone.

5: I don't care who you are, DO NOT ARGUE ADMIN WORD! Seriously, if I personaly have to get involved in a minor dispute.YOUR BOTH BANNED FOR AT LEAST A WEEK!

6. When in combat, if your do not post for 48 hours. You have not left and absence, you enemy is allowed to claim a hit. JUST A HIT NOT A KILL! However, if after that you are gone for another 24 hours with out responding. THE ENEMY MAY KILL YOU.

7. There is no spamming, flaming, double-triple-+ (with few exceptions) posting, etc allowed on this board.

8. We will not tolerate any racist, sexist or religious remarks, or any other form of personal derogatory posts in the forums. We all have enough stinky dirty laundry in our lives. I sure as hell don't want yours thrown at me.

9. When role playing, each normal post you make must be a minimum of 5 sentences per post unless stated otherwise. Only OOC areas or under special conditions may your post be shorter, however it is still encouraged to lengthen them whenever you can.
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