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Ichidai Clan

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Clan Name: Ichidai

Village Of Origin: Konoha

Clan History:
Years ago brothers from five different counties all mastered their own respective elements of water, wind, fire, lightning, and earth. The brothers all came together in the village Konoha and started a clan with the intent of gaining a blood line that could use all elements. The idea was to create the ultimate bloodline that could mix all the elements into one.

Through selective breeding the clan members eventually gained the abilities they have today of elemental control and abnormally large chakras. They picked only the most powerful Kunoichi they could as brides and intermarried their children keeping a close knit family with strong ties. The Ichidai have created a taboo stating that Ichidai cannot attack one another in order to keep the family bonds strong.

(This is what was told to everyone but, the clan leaders.)
the true History of the Ichidai clan

Though it is only reveled to the clan leader, once he ascends to the head of the family. A book being given to him, that revels much about the Ichidai family. The first Ichdai was a man named Keon Nariushi, this man was a test subject of the fabled Orochimaru. Keon had a special bloodline, one the was wiped out after Orochimaru kidnapped the man. Keon could alter his chakra network to allow himself to use any element, though this was warped by the evil experiments done to him.

You see Orochimaru was trying to create the perfect host for himself, and was experimenting in giving one shinobi a multitude of abilities. For if he created a body perfect enough, it would no longer bee eaten away by his corrupt soul. This perfect body he would be able to stay in for years, until the body began to age. Then he would simply create another one, and continue his evil process. The first step was splicing Keon's DNA with that of a genetically based bloodline. Next he spliced in the bloodlines from the great elemental fusionists.

Though all of this back fired on the man, what was born was the first Ichidai. Keon's own bloodline mutated and merged with the genetic based blood line, this is what created the current Ichidai bloodline. Though Keon kept his one ability, using his new found abilities and the massive number of jutsu learned from his new bloodlines. Keon broke out, escaped and fled into the night. Changing his named to Keon Ichidai, he moved into the fire nation's village of Konoha.

For years Keon hid the fact that he was a shinobi, then one day he met a beautiful kunoichi being attacked by a mad enemy shinobi on the boarder of Konoha. He flew into action, using the full extent of his abilities, and put the ruffian down. Tending the woman's wounds, he took her back to village. Where the two of them quickly feel in love, and eventually married. The kunoichi became the matron of the clan, Suki Ichidai.

Soon they gave birth to a child, the first Ichidai as they are today. While he was not granted his fathers ability to change his natural element, it was clear from and early age he had gained many of the abilities present in his father. He flew through the academy, and became a genin in a short period of time. His father hid the truth from him, telling him a story about their clans beginnings. Something the Ichidai still do to this day, not wanting anyone else to know that their clan came from torturous evil. It was this first Ichidai, once he was married and had his own children; that moved them from Konoha founded the once great clan.

The clan prospered for many many years, then during the last great shinobi war. They were called into action, a team lead by their current leaders son began to turn the tide of the war in the fire nations favor. Reveled to the rest of the shinobi world, what an entire team of Ichidai were able to do. The other great nations began to look for their village, and eventually found it. They launched a massive attack, one in which the clans and shinobi of four villages worked together. They wiped out the clan, and though shinobi from Konoha arrived. It was not in time to save the once strong clan, only a hand full of children and one elder made it out alive. This elder created a powerful forbidden jutsu, that when used seals and locks away any members bloodline granted gifts. So that no one would have to go through such a tragedy again.

Clan Symbol:

Clan Requirements: Must be a blood Ichidai, also explain how your ancestors excaped the clan masacure, and why your abilities were not sealed away.

Clan Members: Jack

Clan Traits/Innate Abilities:
Bloodline Limit: Genetic Continuance
This limit allows the Ichidai to pass their gifts on through their line, as well as absorb the traits and strengths of those that become part of their line. An Ichidai child is blessed with the knowledge and gifts of both his parents, including none Ichidai parents. This allows the group to hold very special abilities, and grants them a chance at truly great power.

Bloodline Limit: Genetic Memory
Ki is has a rather unique ability to seemingly pick up any jutsu used by any of his genetic line, learning them a vastly faster rate then normal. Once taught the basics of a jutsu, the rest seems to come with natural ease. Though he by no means can do every single jutsu anyone in his family could do, first he had to actually be strong enough to perform the jutsu. Then he has to have the skill and training to perform it, and lastly he must be of the proper chakra alignment. His father fire jutsu for example are lost on him, seeing as he himself doesn't have fire chakra.

Though ninjutsu isn't actually were this ability shines, but in taijutsu. Ki learns taijutsu quickly, mastering movements faster then anyone around him. Almost as if his body remembers doing the moves before he was born, mastering the basics of moves quickly. Once learned his body and mind move as if they have been doing it for years.

Bloodline Limit: Genetic Awakening
When ever an Ichidai kill another Ichidai, drink the purest of blood directly from their heart. They will awaken a long dormant code in their genetic make up, this can grant them many things. Though each will always be diffrent, and each is always random. As well as it can be sudden knowledge of a long lost powerful jutsu, to the awakening of a kekki genkai within their own make up.

Gifts grated by their Genetic Continuance

Above average Chakra limit:
Every child born to the Ichidai line, seems to have vast chakra stores. Which is why the family is actually known for their ability with ninjutsu, most notably elemental jutsu. Each child born to this line seems to have 3 to 6 times the normal chakra amount.

Elemental Manipulation
Description: Starting at around age 3, all Ichidai family members start to gain some ability to control their element at will. Though it starts out small, this can increase to insane power with training.

Rank E: Basic manipulation, can cause the element to move but not alter it in anyway. I.E. Make it harder, so it is able to defend.

Rank D: Basic manipulation, you are able to form and control you element while around a natural source. Ability to form basic shields, to defend ones self.

Rank C: Further control, more precise control. You can now from your element into a shapes and items. Can make it cut, and completely solid.

Rank B: Near Complete Control, your need to concentrate is far less. As well as the amount of chakra used, is far far less. Simply moving your hand or arm, and your element will respond.

Rank A: Complete control, your element can now attack and defend at nearly the speed you can think about it. You also no longer need to be close to your element, you can merely create it. I.E. Draw moisture from the air, or speed of the particles to make fire.

Rank S: Second Nature, you and your element are as one. It responds to your thoughts, and moves at the speeds faster then most can see. Your element is the ultimate defense and offense.
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