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Rankings & Information

Post by Jack on Tue Apr 06, 2010 6:52 pm

11th Division



The Insignia for the Eleventh Division of the Gotei 13 is the Yarrow. The meaning behind this symbol is Fight.

11th duties and Information
The Eleventh Division is the direct-combat Division with a specialization in swords-only combat, forgoing the other Shinigami arts and thereby being one of the most specialized divisions in the Gotei 13. A common theme for the Captain of the Eleventh Division is to take on the name Kenpachi or the best swordsman of each generation. Since the rise to captain status of the current Kenpachi, an unofficial rule has been added that says to be true member of the Eleventh Division, one's Zanpakutō must be a melee-combat-type.

Seated Officers
La aldea de la máscara Kage
La aldea de la máscara Kage

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