Enjauló Monstruo

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Enjauló Monstruo

Post by Jack on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:44 am

Zanpakuto Name: Enjauló Monstruo

Essence: Absorbtion

Release Phrase: Shatter the Chains! Enjauló Monstruo!

Zanpakuto Sealed Appearance:


Dispertia Form Description: A mask forms over Ki's whole head, his eyes, mouth, and nose being replaced by bleeding slits and look as if carved into the surface of his face. As well as having to seemingly horn like things, grow from the top of the mask and curl back. His skin becomes bone white and small protrusions from over his body, and his fingers enlongate slightly with sharp claws at the tips.

Dispertia Abilities: Ki's skin becomes a hard bone like substance, that can absorb the molecular structure of anything in touches and take on those properties. It is completely mold-able even at its strongest, and can absorb reiatsu, chakra, and even physical states as well. Meaning if a shinigami were to charges his bankai released sword with reiatsu, and Ki grabbed a hold of it; his skin would take on all the properties and strength of that blade. As his skin is completely mold-able, weapons of any shape or size can be made from it. Also all of his physical abilities grow in strength by the same degree of power, from those things which he has absorbed; in other words he becomes stronger, faster, better able to with stand attack, and hold up in battle. His skin is at its base as hard as second Heirro as well, and only becomes stronger depending on what he absorbs. Now in the point of energy based absorbing, he can only absorbs about 60% of the total attack. The rest actually hitting him, and causing damage. However, once he has absorbed the attack. His skin will become the same type of energy, giving him the ability to use that energy for attacks at 80% of its original power; and making him immune to further attacks of that energy type.

Resurreccion/Dispertia Techniques:

Post Count:
Cool downs:
La aldea de la máscara Kage
La aldea de la máscara Kage

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