Tsuki Ichidai A.K.A Jack

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Tsuki Ichidai A.K.A Jack

Post by Jack on Fri Mar 26, 2010 6:31 am

Personal Info

Name: Tsuki Ichidai
Alias/Nicknames: Jack, Ki, Jack Wolf, Wolf
Age: 500
Visual Age: 23
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 7th
Birthplace: Konohahakura
Status: Alive
Natural Race: Enmascarado
Current Race: Enmascarado

Racial Information

Title: La aldea de la máscara Kage
Elemental Affinity: (Special)
Chakra/Reaitsu Bank: x4
Chakra/Reiatsu Control: Excellent
Fighting Style: He tends to use his Hollow abilities during combat, with back up from his elemental control. With heavy use of weapon based combat, with his zanpakto. However he keeps most of his true Jutsu, and even his release back for if he really needs them.

Misc Info

Blood Type: 0-
Likes: Relaxation
Dislikes: Fighting
Hobbies: Walking around his village
Favorite Food: Bacon Cheese Burgers
Favorite Music: Eclectic
Special Skill: He ages much slower than even other Enmascarado, giving him an unknown through seemingly very long life span.

Physical Info

Height: 6'4
Weight: 234 lbs

Role-play Info

Ki is a quick witted good hearted man, though can be seen as lazy. Seeing as he would much rather lounge around on a tree limb basking in the sunlight, then be out fighting enemies or taking on missions. He prefers a loose life filled with as little drama or trouble as he can, seeing those things as things that would take away from his own inner peace. The things he loves above all else are friends, family, companions, team mates, having a good time, and most of all lazing about.

Kind and temperate, he is a man of few words and fewer still actions. He will almost always speaking kindly towards others, though he is not one to hold his opinion in check either. He is strong willed and hard to bend or brake, though he cares deeply about those around him. He takes being the leader of his people very seriously as he thinks they should get more respect then they do, though he is very kind and easy to get along with.

He is a smooth easy going person, soft spoken and soft handed. He gives everyone their chance to shine and do the right thing, though with students he does so only a at a distance that he could sweep in should the need arise. He likes to give everyone their chance to give their side of the story, and always grants them if benefit of the doubt. How ever its when you make the man mad, that you see just how skilled a elemental user he is.

History: Ki was born to a house with a loving mother and a loving father, though it was quick to learn that the little boy was far from normal. His eyes would often change color, from their normal shimmering blue color. Which was not at all un-heard of in the Ichidai family, as many water users had the same oddly colored blue eyes that seemed to shimmer like the surface of water in the sunlight. Though his would turn a rather strange slate gray, sparking yellow, burning red, and even whirling white.

Though once he reached the age of five they learned exactly what this meant, when his eyes were in the diffrent ranges of color. The child was able to control diffrent elements with his natural Ichidai genetic gift, unlike other Ichidai he could control all five shinobi elements. Even using jutsu from each element, they discovered once he reached the age of 6 and began to be taught the ways of the shinobi. After studying him they discovered the boy had two form of spiritual energy. As well as the ability to form a anbu like mask, which allowed to use very odd abilities.

He progressed through the academy with a amazing speed, and graduated at the very young age of 11; becoming a Genin in the service of Konoha. Though what they discovered while in the academy was that unlike normal shinobi, Ki had several natural gifts while his mask was formed that set him apart from those around him. Including the ability to move from place to place, as if he was using some form of body flicker technique; even though he wasn't.

It wasn't until years later, at the age of 20. That Ki learned what he was, that he had a being that lived with in him, something called a hollow. That somehow had been pulled from its own world, and sealed within the unborn child (or that's what he thought at the time); before Ki had been born. Ki learned that it was this sealing or melding of the two spirits that gave Ki his abilities and allowed him to use both his own, and Ookami's powers.

It wasn't long before he began to learn other abilities that he could use, including the ability to use each element at the same time. Though each element was only able to be used at about one half its true power. So he progressed through the years, learning as much as he could. Though he soon discovered, that the more he released his hollow ability the easier it was. He also seemed to be aging slower and slower, though the truth would soon be revealed to him.

After the death of his mother, ki's father took him aside and told the boy of his true origins. Ki's father was not really a shinobi at all, he was something called an Arrancar. Even going so far as to tell the boy he had once, held the position of first amounts his race. Shortly after this, he taught Ki how to form his zanpakuto. As well as the use of gargantua, and how to travel between worlds. Ki's father had been one of first to discover the shinobi world, and for fear of his other more evil companions coming here. Hid himself away and kept it secret, though that would soon all come to an end.
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La aldea de la máscara Kage
La aldea de la máscara Kage

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