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Welcome to Soul Shuriken

Tue Apr 06, 2010 7:10 pm by Jack

We are now open, start joining and making your characters!

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The Story so far....

3000 years have passed from the times of Naruto Uzumaki and Ichigo Kurosaki, and a great many things have changed for all sides of the dimensional vial. It was roughly 2000 years ago, that a freak accident lead to a hollow wondering into the shinobi world, leading to the Ninja's first encounter with a rampaging hollow. Much to the surprise and bad luck of the hollow, the shinobi use of their own spiritual energy not only let them see the beast. It also allowed them to combat it with amazing ability, it was then that the five great nations came together. Discovering that the beast came from another realm, and not their own home plane. An alliance was formed, creating Konohagakure, and the Hokage as the ambassadors, and leaders of the shinobi world when dealing with other planes.

It would be another 500 years before this alliance was first tested, as one bright and sunny day in the village of Konoha. A glowing white door opened, and out stepped the them leader of the 12 division. The man was taken aback not a second after stepping into the strange land, for as soon as he did. Everyone in the area began to stare in wonderment, at the strange man. He had no clue how they could see him, or even how in the next split second he and his Lieutenant were surrounded. These people moved like only he had seen the 2nd division black ops move, Each of the ones that surrounded them, wore strange white masks and boasted a powerful spiritual pressure. This he could tell, even though it felt slightly diffrent from their own reiatsu.

Soon after this, a meeting between the Captain Commander and the Hokage was setup, and a quick peace treaty was made. Several routes between the new worlds were forged out with the shiniobi world, and soon the people began to intermingle with one another. Several Shinigami even coming to live in the shiniobi world for a brief time. This is how it stands today, the worlds are mostly at peace; Though old rivalries, such as that between the Arrancar and Shinigami are still strong.

The Shinigami themselves have entered an almost unheard of peace, the grim rules of the former central 46 have been left to the way side. As a new era rolls forward, the Vizard are now no longer renegades meant to be hunted down. They are now held in respect as allies, thanks in large part do to their role in the victory over Aizen centuries before. Their for any new Vizards, though one of this race has not been seen in many years. Are welcome even in Seireitei.

After the defeat of Aizen and their loss to the Shinigami, the Arrancar fell back to their world of Hueco Mondo. Sealing its boarder from both soul society and the real world. Though the random base level hollow every now and then found its way through, the Arrancar were not seen or heard from again. Though during this time away, they discovered the shiniobi world on their own. Their they found they were embraced not feared, and many made that world their home. It was a few years after this, that the first enmascardos were born. Some to shinobi mothers, who had married or been raped by Arrancar. Some to Arrancar women, who had fallen or been used by Shinobi men. The most powerful of these beings, created a village for his people in Hueco Mondo.

Welcome to the world of Soul Shuriken!!
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